Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles now make up 10% of our UK imports

Considering an Electric Vehicle?


We have now imported a range of Electric Vehicles for our clients: from a fleet of Nissan ENV200 panel vans, multiple 30kwH Nissan Leafs (longer range) to the Tesla Model S and Porsche Cayenne Hybrid.   Many models are not offered by NZ dealers or are priced far higher than the equivalent UK import.
Why not pre-order the new model 2018 40kwH Nissan Leaf now?
First UK deliveries are expected in February/March 2018.  A £2,000 deposit will secure your slot.  Please get in touch to discuss.


Or the all new Hyundai Kona 100% electric small SUV – just announced in the UK.   Contact us now so you are the first to know pricing and availability. More info here
The market in NZ is maturing rapidly – the number of chargers and battery sizes of new EVs has increased to a level that ‘range anxiety’ is less of an issue and we look forward to continuing to grow this part of our business.  With strong UK sources we are able to provide relevant advice and good stock as required.

Civic Contractors aim to champion sustainability initiatives by deploying 100% electric powered vehicles.  Thus far we have supplied 5 Nissan ENV200s to their fleet and they will regularly be seen around central Auckland operating soundlessly as they help clean up the city.

Recent EV Imports


NZ EV Owners Facebook page – wonderful forum to learn from.

NZ Electric Car Guide

Leading the Charge – part of the Better NZ Trust

Electric Van Blog – by Obsessive Vehicle Security, loads of tips on owning an ENV200.

Plugshare – map of NZ public chargers.

Chargenet – map of Chargenet’s Fast Chargers.

Nissan UK – new model Leaf specifications.

  • I contacted Sally about importing a e-NV200 (electric van). She got back to me within the hour with one with super low K’s at a great price. Blown away with how easy the whole process was.Decided I wanted to get some mats for the van as they are not available here. Again it was as simple as asking. Couldn’t be happier.Julian Dunster, Wellington. Nissan E-NV200 panel van.
  • We are both really thrilled with our new car, a 2016 Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh. We had been looking for a long time in NZ to find the right car but the model or the colour was never right.So, aided by Brexit, we decided to try European Car Imports. It only took Sally a couple of days to locate the ideal car. The whole process was very easy and we now have a better model than we’d hoped for. We were informed every step of the way what was happening with the car until it was delivered to the door. We paid the car dealer and the shipping agent directly so there’s no extra handling fees.Dave & Kathy Burkitt, Christchurch. Nissan Leaf Tekna
  • I was very happy with the service that European Car Imports provided when I purchased my Tesla from the UK. They dealt seamlessly with the sourcing of the car the purchase, shipment, registration and finally delivery to my door. The vehicle arrived ahead of schedule and under forecast cost.  Throughout the process they were happy to answer questions and to give useful advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending their servicesMartin Evans, Auckland. Tesla Model S (2016).

FUTURE EV imports?


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  • When I was looking to purchase my first EV, Sally was recommended to me by a friend. I was after a recent model higher spec. than offered by a Jap Import (And wanted to save at least 10% on the price). Being post Brexit, the exchange rate is really good. Paying a fixed import price with them to find the car and do all of the work from door to door was great. I paid the supplier direct via my bank here, so everything was completely transparent…..European looked after everything, right up to certification, registration and delivery. Highly recommended. Also likely to purchase another ex UK PHEV in the next 12-24 months and would definitely involve Sally and Lincoln and the team again.James Kelso, Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kw (2016).

Recent Imports.