New car launch and review: BMW 7 Series

Now a close rival to the Mercedes S Class

Read Autocar’s review of the new BMW 730Ld here (click on Read more at bottom of this post).

BMW 7 series 1 BMW 7 series 2 bmw 7 series 3

In summary, BMW’s new flagship model shows good potential to knock the Mercedes S Class’ sizeable market share.

The “Executive Drive Pro option”, acts like Mercedes’ Magic Ride by studying the road ahead and slackening the suspension to glide over large bumps but unlike the Mercedes it can be fitted to petrol and diesel models and works at night time and in the rain.

Another feature that made me giggle was the fact that the BMW has a choice of eight perfumes that you can pump into the interior one at a time – Mercedes ONLY has four.  Decision made.

The 30d engine is likely to be the best seller and in the long-wheelbase form, it’s closely priced to the equivalent S-Class but is “…quicker, officially cleaner and more frugal”.