Car sourced and insured for client for European road trip.

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Case Study

Buy a car in Europe, take it on a road-trip around the UK/Europe then bring it home. Save money and avoid inferior rental cars.

You will find however, that insuring a car for such a trip is nigh-impossible unless you have a UK drivers licence and a UK residential address.  Save yourself the time and hassle and contact us – as well as insuring the car we will try to source a VAT Qualifying car – which enables the UK version of GST (VAT) to be refunded to you when your car leaves the country.  As VAT is currently at 20% and GST is obviously 15% – there are potential savings to be had immediately.

Rod Francis contacted us 24 hours before leaving for England, struggling with the insurance issue.  He wanted a car, but after multiple calls to multiple UK insurance providers, he couldn’t find an insurance policy to cover his intended trip.  24 hours later, we had found and purchased an incredible car for him and comprehensively insured it for his trip across Europe.  Our UK contact, Peter, delivered his 2013 Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI Black Edition to him soon after he touched down and is a friendly point of contact if Rod needs any advice whilst in Europe.

Rod and his wife had a wonderful trip and in his words:

  • Hi Lincoln,  We’re having a great time in UK and Europe. Peter was excellent to deal with and met us as arranged with the Audi. It is meeting all expectations and proving a great Euro tourer.  So far it’s seen us to Coventry, Southport (north of Liverpool), up to Oban, Scotland, back to London, across to Paris and currently in Cognac, France.  Loving driving the car I want rather than then a rental not to mention looking forward to getting it back home! Another 4-5 weeks to go before we’re home so will get a few more photos as we go however here are a few in the meantime. Two shots on the ferry from Portsmouth, one from up by Oban and the last from Inveraray Castle, Scotland.  Best regards.

Rod Francis, Auckland.  Audi A6 Avant Black Edition (2013).

More photos and updates from Rod on our News page.


  • Car purchased at UK auction.
  • Car driven in UK/Europe prior to export.
  • Car insured by European Car Imports
  • VAT qualifying car selected.
  • VAT paperwork managed by us.