For Sale in UK now: 2014 Tesla Model S – 100% electric

85kw charger, VAT Qualifying, loaded with extras.


We have just been offered a great VAT Qualifying Tesla – now for sale in the UK.

This one has a nice EV story behind it as it’s owned by a famous UK ex-a294ad31220987ccbd81e78f153eaddb radio DJ, Mark Goodier, who also has the claim to fame of being the first UK Nissan Leaf owner back in 2011 and an avid EV follower having owned a Ford THINK before that in 2000!

Details: 2014 Model S with 85kwh battery, parking sensors, twin chargers, black leather interior, active air suspension, tech package, 19″ cyclone wheels.

Forecasted landed price: $139,250 .

For those worried about servicing these amazing cars – we are told by an avid supporter of Teslas here in NZ that the joy of the Tesla is that they require very little maintenance – any auto mechanic can look after the tyres and brakes and the coolant needs flushing every 4 years.

Please contact us if you would like more information on importing a Tesla.