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New car launch: Mercedes GLS

A huge SUV to add to the line-up


Top Gear have just reviewed Mercedes latest new car to add to the GL line-up.  The biggest yet, the GLS.  With the GLS 63 AMG heading the line-up.

Expect to be available from March 2016 in the UK and pricing around the $140k mark.

Review here.



New Car Launch: Audi RS6

600 bhp and 3.7 second 0-62mph.

If you think an Aston One-77, Ferrari F50, Lexus LFA, Mercedes SLR, Porsche Carrera GT or a Maserati MC12 are fast, then beware.  The new Audi RS6 (with optional performance pack) – could smoke them at the lights!  That’s according to Top Gear’s latest review.  The ‘Performance pack‘ upgrade yields 600bhp and 3.7-second 0-62mph time.  Pretty impressive.

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Photo from Top Gear review.


New car launch and review: BMW 7 Series

Now a close rival to the Mercedes S Class

Read Autocar’s review of the new BMW 730Ld here (click on Read more at bottom of this post).

BMW 7 series 1 BMW 7 series 2 bmw 7 series 3

In summary, BMW’s new flagship model shows good potential to knock the Mercedes S Class’ sizeable market share.

The “Executive Drive Pro option”, acts like Mercedes’ Magic Ride by studying the road ahead and slackening the suspension to glide over large bumps but unlike the Mercedes it can be fitted to petrol and diesel models and works at night time and in the rain.

Another feature that made me giggle was the fact that the BMW has a [...]

Here are some photos of one of the 10 Aston Martin DB10s built for the new James Bond film.  8 crashed, 2 survived.  This one had a few marks but otherwise OK.  Nice car.


IMG_7173 IMG_7176 IMG_7175 IMG_7177 IMG_7179 IMG_7180 IMG_7181 IMG_7182 IMG_7185 IMG_7186 IMG_7188

New Car Review: Audi R8

"An Everyday Supercar"

An ‘everyday supercar’ according to the latest Top Gear Review.  Stunning in our opinion.  What do you think?


R8 2

BMW M2 launch

Launch date: October 14, 2015.

BMW are teasing the upcoming launch of the M2 on October 14th.

The “M2 will be powered by the N55 TwinScroll turbocharged engine with some components from the S55 engine. One of them is the oil pump found in the M-developed engine. The power output is 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. The engine has an overboost function just like the 1M, good for 25 lb-ft of torque…
At launch only 4 colours will be available: Long Beach Blue, Alpine White, Mineral Grey and Black Sapphire”.


Tesla Model X launch

100% electric SUV

Here is Top Gear’s take on the new Tesla launched today.